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Oil Sands Water Treatment and Recovery Solutions

Oil Sands - SAGD Water Recycle Oil Sands. Oil sands or, more technically, bituminous sands, are a type of unconventional petroleum deposit. Oil sands represent a vast wealth of energy reserves for the world rivaling traditional sources in quality, availability and the ability to meet the world's needs for many years into the future.

Automatic Batching Plant for Sale in Bangladesh

Aimix Automatic Batching Plant in Bangladesh. In Aimix Group, we mainly supply two kinds of concrete plants in terms of mobility. One is AJ series stationary concrete plant, capacity of which is about 25 ~ 240 m3/h; the other one is AJY series mobile concrete batching plant, capacity ranging from 25 m3/h to 90 m3/h.


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Cementing is the process of mixing a slurry of cement and water and pumping it down through casing to critical points in the annulus around the casing or in the open hole below the casing string. The two principal functions of the cementing process are to restrict fluid movement between the formations and to bond and support the casing.

Relationship between ecological indicators (Arcellacea

Dec 19, 2013 · Industrial mercury (Hg) sources associated with the processing of Athabasca oil sands (AOS), Alberta, Canada, may pose an environmental risk to nearby water bodies via either waterborne or airborne transport. Using a dataset derived from 63 lakes in the area, this study investigates the relationships between total-Hg (THg), organic matter, grain size, and lake ecology as measured by ...

A Medley of Potpourri: Oil shale geology

The organic portion of oil shale consists largely of a pre-bitumen bituminous groundmass, such as remains of algae, spores, pollen, plant cuticles and corky fragments of herbaceous and woody plants, and cellular debris from other lacustrine, marine, and land plants. While terrestrial oil shales contain resins, spores, waxy cuticles, and corky ...

Production and Processing of U.S. Tar Sands: an

In Canada, in situ research efforts have been conducted by Imperial Oil, Shell Canada, Amoco Canada Petroleum, and Gulf Canada. Imperial Oil has spent over million^O on a research and pilot project to test steam- injection

Assessment of energy demand-based greenhouse gas

This study evaluated energy demand-based greenhouse gas mitigation options for Canada's oil sands. A novel bottom-up energy demand-supply model of the oil sands was developed to perform a techno-economic-environmental

ERCPPS | Oil Shale

ERCPPS - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation (.ppt / .pptx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online. mbsamhcsa


Oil sand is a mixture of bitumen, sand and water. Because it does not flow like conventional crude oil, it must be mined or heated underground before it can be processed. The hydrocarbon resource found in Canada’s oil sands is ...

CER – Market Snapshot: Alberta cogeneration capacity

As oil sands production increased from 0.59 million barrels per day (MMb/d) in 2000 to 2.38 MMb/d in 2015, so did cogeneration electric capacity, growing from 1 813 MW in 2000 to 4 528 MW in 2015. The Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) expects cogeneration capacity in Alberta to increase in tandem with oil sands production, …

Oilsands waste is collected in sprawling toxic ponds. To

Nov 23, 2018 · The oil industry’s strategy to deal with a trillion litres of toxic goop is centred on a process even the Alberta Energy Regulator calls unproven. ... Steam rises from the Syncrude plant on the ...

Pay Dirt: How to Turn Tar Sands into Oil [Slide Show

Dec 10, 2012 · Pay Dirt: How to Turn Tar Sands into Oil [Slide Show] ... it's not Saudi Arabia—it's Canada, which supplies the U.S. with more than two million barrels of oil per day, or more than a quarter of ...

Upgrading Oil Sands and Heavy Oil

Upgrading Oil Sands and Heavy Oil Upgrading oil sands and heavy oil is an essential part of oil sands development as it adds tremendous value to the raw resource. It allows it to be further processed into fuels and lubricants at existing refineries, and used as feedstock in petrochemical plants — most of which are not engineered to …

Suncor Oil Sands Tour

2015/08/17 · Get an inside look at Suncor's oil sands during a step-by-step tour through our operations. Learn more about our oil sands operations at ...

Canadian Natural Resources - Oil Sands Mining and Upgrading

The Horizon Oil Sands include a surface oil sands mining and bitumen extraction plant, complemented by on-site bitumen upgrading with associated infrastructure to produce high quality SCO. In late 2017, the Phase 3 expansion was completed at Horizon, the final step in the Company's transition to a Long Life Low Decline asset base.

Alberta's oil sands crude: the science behind the debate

May 09, 2013 · Suncor Energy Inc., Canada's largest oil sands company, noted in its 2011 sustainability report that it reduced its greenhouse gas intensity at its oil sands plant by 50 per cent from 1990.

Athabasca Oil Sands Project, Canada

Located around Fort McMurray in the north of Alberta, Canada, the Athabasca Oil Sands – named after the river that cuts through the heart of the deposit – is the largest of province’s three oil sands resources. There are a number of companies involved in exploiting the deposit, though three major operations dominate the field.

In situ Development - Oil Sands - Alberta's Energy Heritage

Together, these four factors led to a dramatic flurry of oil sands activity at Alberta’s in situ plants. The three-part process of oil sands drilling, recording results, and map-making has helped define all of Alberta’s major oil sands

Nuclear Technology Canadian Oil Sands

or not nuclear systems can compete economically with natural gas-flred plants in the oil sands industry. The Canadian Oil Sands Industry The oil sands deposits in Canada are a major source of crude oil, but, unlike conventional

Siliceous - definition of siliceous by The Free Dictionary

Define siliceous. siliceous synonyms, siliceous pronunciation, siliceous translation, English dictionary definition of siliceous. adj. Containing ...

Oil for Export: Tar Sands Bitumen Cannot be Refined in

Oct 03, 2013 · Bitumen is the heavy unconventional oil found in the Alberta tar sands (also called oil sands). Only a specialized refinery can process bitumen and turn it into refined products such as fuels. Few refineries in Canada can do it. None of the refineries in eastern Canada can refine large quantities of bitumen.

Tar Sands: Energy Production or Environmental

2019/12/26 · The extraction of the Athabasca tar sands has severely impacted the physical landscapes of northeastern Alberta, Canada. Tar sands are heavy deposits of sand, clay, water and bitumen (extremely think crude oil). These sludgy

Oil & Gas Dictionary

— Hussameldin Ibrahim, University of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada “With the Dictionary of Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Processing, the authors provide a great service to the industry and, in particular, to those entering the field. This dictionary is a must in the library of every young engineer.”

Hangingstone SAGD Project, Alberta

Athabasca’s Hangingstone Project is an oil sands steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) project developed about 20km south-west of Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada. The project was implemented with a 6m investment and

Tariff Schedule of Canada – Part 3

Tariff Schedule of Canada Tariff Item - Description of Goods - Base Rate - Staging Category Part 3 - Items 5514.11.91 - 8414.20.00

Rolfe Canada CANDUTM Plants for Oil Sands

OFFICIAL USE ONLY CANDU® Plants for Oil Sands Application Brian Rolfe - Section Head Advanced Reactor Initiatives RDBU IAEA Conference 16 -19 April 2007 Oarai, Japan OFFICIAL USE ONLY 2 Overview • Major ongoing long term expansion of Alberta’s oil sands

Disaster Hits Canada’s Oil Sands

1 day Belarus To Launch New Nuclear Power Plant This Autumn. ... The pipeline is critical for Canada’s oil sands. ... This process will continue until crude oil is completely replaced by natural ...

Potential Reuse of Petroleum-Contaminated Soil: A Directory

Solid material suspended in liquids can be pumped into the hot end of the kiln. In another process, the solids are repackaged and injected into the kiln area where gas temperatures range from 1,800 to 2,150°F. In a third process, preprocessed solids and sludges are dried, ground into powder, and conveyed by air into the hot end of the kiln.

Nuke the oilsands: Alberta’s narrowly cancelled plan to drill

Aug 02, 2016 · Nuke the oilsands: Alberta’s narrowly cancelled plan to drill for oil with atomic weapons Project Oilsand was uncannily simple: Get an atomic bomb and blow it up under Athabasca, heating the ...

Alberta Oil Sands History and Milestones - Canada's Oil Sands

Economic Potential of the Oil Sands. The economic potential of the oil sands was recognized by Charles Mair in 1908, who wrote, “That this region is stored with a substance of great economic value is beyond all doubt, and, when the hour of development comes, it will, I believe, prove to be one of the wonders of Northern Canada.

Oil Sands Science and Research

The process is more energy-efficient than conventional steam production, can use recycled water from oil sands operations, and can sequester CO 2 in oil sands reservoirs. As a result, this innovative technology reduces GHG emissions by up to 85%, while minimizing fresh water use and eliminating expensive water treatment processes, ultimately ...

Alberta's oil sands projects and upgraders [map]

Alberta's oil sands projects and upgraders [map] Archived This item has been replaced by a more recent resource or the content may be otherwise out of date. It is provided for informational and research purposes. Summary ...

Yanda Canada Corporate Profile

Yanda Canada Core Values - Specialize in Piping and Modular Fabrication Facility for all Oil Sands Modular Process, Modular Hydrogren Plants, EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) constractors in Canada Yanda's ...

Oil Sands Process – About Us

Our oil sands business recovers bitumen through surface mining and steam injection technologies and upgrades it into refinery-ready crude oil products. Suncor’s Upgrading operations process bitumen into higher-value synthetic crude oil and diesel fuel using two upgraders at its oil sands site in Fort McMurray.

The Geology of the Oil Sands - Oil Sands - Alberta's Energy

The Geology of the Oil Sands. Many years of scientific study were required in order to develop an understanding of the nature, extent and origin of Alberta’s oil sands. Initially, government was the primary sponsor of this research, but as time passed industry also became involved in unlocking the secrets of the oil sands.

Athabasca oil sands

The Athabasca oil sands, also known as the Athabasca tar sands, are large deposits of bitumen or extremely heavy crude oil, located in northeastern Alberta, Canada – roughly centred on the boomtown of Fort McMurray. These oil sands, hosted primarily in the McMurray Formation, consist of a mixture of crude bitumen (a semi-solid rock-like form ...

Lessons Learned from Execution of Oil Sands’ SAGD Projects

8 1.1 Alberta’s Oil Sands Potential Alberta’s vast oil sands reserves, consisting of nearly 173 billion barrels (AEUB, 2007), gives Canada the third largest oil reserves in the world (McColl, Mei, Millington, & Kumar, 2008). This massive oil supply is a major reason why

Oil Sands – About Us

About 80% of Canada’s oil sands are too deep to mine using traditional methods (truck and shovel). Suncor uses in situ technology, a three part process to drill, inject steam and extract bitumen to the surface. Learn more about in situ production Discover in situ technology Read about Meadow Creek East

Shell Canada delves into vanadium flow battery technology

It also can be found in phosphate rock and in the oil sands of Canada. Almost 80 percent of the vanadium produced is alloyed with iron to make a shock- and corrosion-resistant steel additive ...

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